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Affordable Waste Bag Pick-up

(Peabody, Mass)

At Mass Dumpster Bags we pick up all bags. Buy-A-Bag from us online or just schedule Bag Removal Service for Any Green Bag and we’ll be there in no time. Hire a local company here in Mass, you get to choose who picks up your full dumpster bag – not them!

Not all garbage folks are friendly like us – we won’t be this guy!

“My bag is full – now what?”

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FAQ’s About Dumpster Bags

How much does it cost?

We pick up bags for LESS! At just $275 our all-inclusive dumpster bag service comes with free delivery of your new bag, pick up and disposal included – now that’s a good deal!

how long until I receive my bag?

With free express shipping to most zip codes in New England, we make it fast and easy. Unless your order is placed at the end-of-day, we should be able to have your bag delivered next-day, or within 24-48 hours. 

What is the “rental period” (how long do we have to load-up?)

That’s the best part! You can take as long as you need, there is not rental because you own the bag and can take as long or as little time as you need to fill it up.

What items are restricted?

Like with any roll off dumpster, you cannot put any hazardous materials in the bag. Hazardous materials like oils, other chemicals are restricted and cannot be taken.

Are there any extra fees?

Paint cans ($5/gallon), Tires ($25), Mattresses ($100) | Overloaded bags or bags that are not curbside or with direct access can restrict our ability to load with the crane truck. In the event we cannot access your full bag we will either apply surcharges for hand loading or we may not be able to remove the bag at all. Please be respectful of our environment and just a few bag restrictions that allow us to better serve you.

*If you need help with a larger junk removal or debris removal tasks, call us so we can get more info and we can arrange for a crew to come to your site for an appropriate haul-off. 

My green bag is full – now what?

Easy! Just visit our site and schedule a Pick-Up today: GO HERE. We will haul away your full bag within 24-48 hours of receiving your online request. All pick up requests will require a copy of your paid receipt showing your original purchase of $275. You can leave a copy of your receipt tapped to your front door, on the bag or email it to us at 

Are you affiliated with waste management?

Nope! We’re the opposite of corporate America – we’re local, fast and affordable! All junk removal services, dumpster rental companies and junk haulers are part of the waste management industry so the term is used widely.